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//x\\o// accidently in lOve //x\\o//

*got up late today by rich yelling to come stuff and do metros, so me and my mom did that and then went and delivered them. came back, and had like 6 messages for people telling me to come back because *he* was on. hes not anymore. well we were supposed to go to sarahs tonight, but we're not anymore, so I dont have any plans anymore, if you wanna do anything let me know. I apoligized to mike last night, I left him a message, he said he doesnt accept it because I was "laughing" I was like yeah...whatever bullshit. but then I texted him later and was like "I just wanted to let you know I'm over everything and I don't hate you, and if you hate me thats okay, but now I feel better telling you that" and then he texted me last night but I fell asleep so I got it this morning and he said he didnt get why I was a bitch to kandace...I was before, but me and Kandace are good now, so I told him that we were friends and hes like okay so I said I didnt hate him and I dont care if he hates me because I understand why he would and he just said okay, so then I stopped talking to him*...Ive been thinkin again...

*Ive been eating non-stop lately, and Im not saying Im fat, so dont get that idea. all Im saying is that I will be soon if I don't start watching what I eat. I've been really lazy lately too, I don't even barely get dressed anymore, I don't know whats wrong. Im not depressed or anything, I don't even know whats wrong, I honestly think its the cold, I just hate the idea of going out in the cold and freezing to death. I think I need to get more sleep, because Ive been going to bed late a lot, and I need to stop with all the fricken pop. My mom bought six 12 packs of pop, and theres one left, me and all my wh0res drank them all lOl, I drink a lot of pop, Im drinking pOp right now...not healthy :-/. So I'm gonna try and start getting in shape and stuff again. Okay, this probably sounds really gay and I'm "over my head" but I've never felt this way before, everything about him is just amazing, I love talking to him, and I get butterflies and stuff...I think about him every second of the day, and everything about him is just //woah\\. well I had a nice talk with Monica today, and we talked about some stuff. I try to help everyone feel better, because I know when I was going through "my time" (as I call it) people were there to help me all the way. People who I never expected to help. Angie and Jill helped a lot and I wasn't really that great of friends with them, but they helped anyway. So if anyone ever needs to talk dont hesitate to i/m me or email me or anything. Im always here to help. Its hard without Liv...and I dont think its getting any easier. shes making friends and Im happy for her...I just kinda feel her and her friends have a notebook...that was the movie gang thing...I duno, I dont have a reason to be feeling like this. I have my other best friends t0o, and we'll manage, but its especially hard without liv...I dun0 :-/. those are my thoughts lOl, nothing depressing or anything, just how I feel.

<3 c0mment and tell me if you think Im crazy or a loser, or just try to help lOl

//x\\ casey_jean //o\\
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