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<3 livejournals working!

so livejournal was down and not working, but its working again.  I havent updated since Thursday so here we g0. 

Thursday* had a half day at school, we just went around to stations and did some science thing for our state test thats coming up.  after school we gathered everyone and me, sam, stephanie, rissa,  gretchen -n- jp waited outside for carl and then he came and we walked to zachs.  we hung out there for a while and then walked to mcdonalds.  it ended up being me, sam, larissa, stephanie, gretchen, jp, carl, evan, pickel, zach, greg, kandace, -n- carson.  we ate there and went back to zachs and watched Starsky and Hutch.  somewhere along the movie I really got to thinkin.  I saw Sam w/ JP, Steph and Carl and Carson, Greg -n- Kandace and I got to thinkin about *him*.  I really missed having a relationship, and Ive never had a serious one, but if we went out, I think it would be serious, just because Ive never felt that way about a boy before...most of you probably dont believe me, or think Im corny as hell, but its strange.  Then me, gretchen, sam n rissa left and went to my house at 3 and just watched Degrassi on my computer.  They left and I didn't do anything that I can remember.  That was Thursday...did some serious thinking. 

Friday*  we had a full day.  nothing eventful happened, had the spelling bee in english, I lost, I didnt know how to spell grenade.  im such a loser lol.  well in gym we played hockey and I was really hyper, I didnt even pay attention and I sang the whole time.  then me and sam switched one shoe so I was wearing my sneaker and her cute high heel, and same for her.  everyone made fun of me lol.  well we had practice at 3 so we practiced and then sam gave me a ride home.  I went home, ate and got ready for ohara.  sarah ob came over at 6ish and then we waited for saras mom to pick us up, she picked us up we picked sam up and we went to ohara.  omh I had these spots on my shirt because my fucking washing machine is fucking retarded and my brother keeps stuff in his pants pockets so I had to wear it with spots on it.  anyhow, so we went and met up with a bunch of people.  sam t came and was mad drunk, it was funny lOl.  my night wasnt all that great.  ukw who was there, and thats all Im saying.  caterina got mad because I was flirting with scott, even though they broke up.  I cant help it when I flirt, I dont even know Im doing it.  But anyway, so then sam t was talking to me and I said something and he got really pissed off.  My night wasnt all that great, the music sucked xcept for they played two Simple Plan songs.  so sam tried to talk to me after but I was being a bitch.  when we got outside it was fucking THO weather man, and scott asked if I needed a coat and I said no, then Trevor was gonna but noone would let him.  I hate being a drama queen, I really do, but I just couldnt handle it anymore when we got outside.  I walked away and started crying, and everyone was concerned.  Thats when I know who really cares.  Well Joe came over, you gotta love Joe.  Sammy came over of course and hugged me just because Sammys amazing and Ilh lOl.  Sam T came over, someone told him he shouldnt mess with me right now, but he came anyway, and I felt good lOl.  He wanted to know why I was crying and if it had to do anything with him.  It was just sort of everything, if you rly wana know, I'll tell you, but I dont wanna post it in here.  Well then Terry was freaking out and he was like its so fucking cold and stuff and he gave me his coat.  I tried to refuse it, but he made me take it.  I love Terry lOl, hes fucking amazing.    So anyway, then Sam tried to talk to me and then we had to go because Mr. Bachman was there to take me, Rissa, Sarah, Sara -n- Sammy to my house to sleep over.  So I hugged everyone, even Sam lOl and he told me he loved me and then he said him and Kaiser love me w/ a passion but I love Mike instead...I was like Mike who and hes like Carson and I was like "you did not just go there" but I didnt say that, I dont remember what I said, but he hopefully knows I dont like him anymore, because I most defintily dont.  Well then we went to my house and talked.  Sam called twice to make sure I was okay, it was sweet lOl.  We didnt really do anything, it wasnt anything that great.  Finally realized some serious shit...I surprised myself is all I have to say.

Today* got up at 9:45 because Rissa woke us up because she had to leave lOl.  we couldnt fall back asleep so we just stayed up and my mom made us pancakes.  We laid around all day.  Sarah O left at some time and then me, Sam and Sara laid around.  We had a pretty nice talk.  Sam said something that made me laugh the hardest Ive ever laughed lOl.  we didnt do anything all day.  bee and gretchen came over sometime later and we watched Never Been Kissed and Thirteen.  Sara K's mom got us Burger King...yUm!  so nothing special happened today.

Today I realized that even with my other best friend gone, me and my best friends will stay true forever, I love them to death and they are the most important thing in my life.  theres something else about a certain guy thats hard to explain...lets just say, its the cant eat, cant sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, world series kinda thing...

                       <3 comment if you love me

  *casey </3 jean*


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