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<3 being sick blows

*I think Im getting sick...I seriously felt like shit all day.  I didnt go down to the nurse until after 8th period and I just laid down and then went back for announcements.  School wasnt too bad today, it was kandaces birthday so there were like tons of people down in the morning saying "happy birthday" and JP are still fighting and JPs gay and believes everything he hears about Sam so everything turned all gay.  So anyway, after school I was sick and I was soo hungry but there was no pizza due to weather so I called my aunt and she brought me McD's to the game.  The bus ride there was fun, me, samiya, sariya and briaya had a nice talk, and it wasnt even that long.  Our game wasnt too bad, we lost 22-2o, but they were undeafeated.  Id have to say I did pretty good, except for at the beginning when I had to come out because I couldnt breathe :-/.  The rest of the game went pretty well, Hoffy was very proud :).  The bus ride wasnt too bad, me and Sam talked about boys lOl.  We got to the school and had to wait a while for daddy gallivan but it was all cool.  came home and there was more mcdonalds waiting for me :) yUm!* I came online and now Im talking to my bestest friends liv -n- sammy.  I seriously feel like shit. 

       -»I'll wait for you, but I can't wait forever«--   <3 <3 casey jean...comment bitches

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