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<3 happy birthday trevor!

*so last night we just sat online, and watching 13 like 3 times and a cinderella story lOl. we got in a fight w/ JP, I feel sorta bad but he deserved it the way he treats sam, and the stuff he says. but anyway, he doesnt matter to me so im way over it. me -n- stephanie talked for a little bit last night and then we fell asleep at 2:3o? er sumwhere around there. I woke up because my next door neighbor is gay and decided to snowblow at 1o:oo in the morning, so I woke up and went downstairs and ate and then went and did metros. it was so fucking cold and we had to walk through snow that was up to our knees because of the bastards that dont shovel. it didnt take that long and then I came back and hung out w/ stephanie kay and gretchen elaine and then my aunt called and said she would pick me up at 12:15 to go to disney on ice! yEy! so that was fun, especially seeing my lil cuzin's face when he was watching it. I was singing to all the songs and stuff. haha I miss being little, I should've cherished it more. I left all my homework at school so I cant do any of it, but I'll just do it tomorrow. NEW ENGLAND PLAYS TONIGHT BABII! HELL YEAH...BRADYS GOIN ALL THE WAY! i love tom brady *hehe*. I'm probably just gonna sit around all day, doin nothing because I like staying warm :).*

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TREVOR!! -»im sorry not everyone remembered, but I did! hope you have a great birthday*x0x0 <3

               </3 everyone either comment or wish trevor a happy birthday!


*so much beauty in my life, shining on the outside, empty on the inside, I get lost sometimes, blinded by the flashing lights, distractions always in my eyes, so Im following the sound, the sound of my heart beating, you can take it all away, I dont need it, underneath I'll still be the same* ~ryan*take it all away

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