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<3 chillin with stephanie kay and gretchen elaine

*Im sittin here with stephanie kay and gretchen elaine and we're having a sleepover because we never have sleepovers! yey Im excited! *hehe* for our while we were trying to figure out how to fix livejournals and watched 13. we sorta figured it out but messed up gretchens so alicia fixed it for her. *thanks alicia*. then me and steph thought we messed up our ljs but we didnt, we got them fixed! well nothing special happened today. got up at like 11:oo and went online. ate breakfast [eggs i might add] and just sat online. we were gonna do metros but the storm was bad so we didnt. all I did all day was sit online and clean my room and watch 13. then at 2:4o me and rich went to my aunts salon so I could get my hair done. rich got his haircut and then my aunt highlighted and cut and straightened my hair and I like it personally. and then she did my eyebrows, damn did they hurt. she put mud on them to stop the hurtness, and it was all better. then at like 6:15 aunt J dropped me off, and sam sorta kinda ditched me in a way and then I sat online, ate pizza and watched the Ashlee show. God I missed it, I love it! *hehe* then Steph and GG came over at like 7:3o and we are hangin out and theyre sleeping over.* fun fun <3

*Tomorrow got metros and then I might be going to Disney on Ice, not sure though. I love Disney on Ice *hehe*...well Im gonna go*

<3 comment bitcheZz
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