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<3 snow storm!

sorry I didnt update last night, I wasnt doing too well, but Im okay now. Heres how it all went down:

after school I chilled in the cafeteria with the boys basketball team and listening to evans mp3 with mike, and then they had to go to practice so I walked around the school looking for people and went to mrs. millers room and came back to the cafeteria and everyone was there. we just sat around and then we went to the pop machines. we met up with nick and he ended up chillin with us and we just hung out because we had a late practice, and we got out at like 5:45 and got dressed. then we sat in the girls bball game for a little bit and then me, nick, sarah and sam went into airband. a bunch of other people came [leah, bridget, gretchen, sara, steph, kellie, allie, jackie, brittney, michelle, victoria] all those people. then mike, chris, eric, carl and tim snuck in and they sat behind us. airband was good, I really missed not being in it. SCOTTY WAS AMAZING!! he got first...hell yeah! after airband we hung out and then theyre was gonna be this huge fight between kurt and sam because kurts retarded girlfriend wanted to kick michelle and victoria's ass. so that was pretty funnie, i felt bad because mrs burns and mrs obrocta were running after everyone making sure no1 got in a fight. so after that whole thing we went to the bball game and we got bored so we went to get a drink, and then this whole thing happened where I got kicked out of the basketball game, and then we were all just standing around again and we eventually got kicked out of the school. we all just chilled outside for like an hour and a half and sam and nick kept trying to throw me in the snow but they didnt mwahaha. after we all just chilled, everyone decided to go home because it was too cold and there was no where to go. so sara's mom picked up me, sam, bridget, sara, sam t, and nick. we all went to sams and hung out. it was fun, we dont usually hang out with sam but it wasnt bad. then I went home and went online, and thought about things and went to bed in a bad/sad mood.

today-got up at like 11 because me and my mom were gonna do metros before the storm but it already started so we're doing them tomorrow. I had eggs for breakfast, and now Im sitting here drinking coke talking to kate, monica and liv. its way to cold to do anything but I duno. me and nick wanna get people together to watch Friday Night Lights...looks like a good movie, he got it from his daddy. so I duno whats goin on with that, but right now Im not doing anything.



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