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<3 love or something ignites in my veins //x\\o//

*omg today was amazing! lOl. well not the first part. I got up late so I just threw on a hoodie and jeans, and then when I got to school realized there was coffee all over the hoodie, but I was like "oh well fuck it" lOl. I was having a bad day thinking about my 65 in english and then I got in trouble in math for some reason or another, so I signed up for Mrs. Burns because I was feeling down about everything and I missed talking to her. So I talked to her and just broke down, told her everything. She asked if I was *thinking* again and I said I didn't think so, she emailed my teachers and asked about grades and called my mom to give her the heads up. well the rest of my day was just blah. I did morning annoucements because Sarah wasnt there yet, so I did them for her because Im such a nice person. lOl. well right after school we went to the cafeteria to leave for East we left and it took forever to get there. I called Mike and asked if he forgave me yet, he told me to call him later, I never did. I do miss him, not as a boyfriend, but as a friend. I miss them all very dearly. Me and Joey are still pretty close, we still talk. Me and Terry still talk all the time, and me and JP, I'm not really sure. I still talk to John on occasion but we never hang out anymore, and me -n- Jarek, I dont even know him anymore. But we're growing up. "We're moving on and we can't slow down, these memories are playing like a film without sound"-Graduation [Vitamin C] its really is.  we're all growing up and meeting different people, and we're not even in high school yet.  when we start high-school, theres not much hope, but I'll def keep in touch and keep chillin with Joe and Terry, Jarek hates me though.  But anyway, we got there around 3:30ish and went and changed and warmed up and the game started @ 4.  The game was close but then we lost it, and the score ended up being 21-12 er sumthing, but I scored 4 points! lOl.  Sammy did good...good job Sammy Lynn!  We took the bus home and I slept and sang, and then my mom picked me up at school and told me Mrs Burns called her and we had a talk lOl, nothing too serious or too bad.  Came home, went online, ate lasanga, went online and then watched American Idol with my mom.  Then I did something I never thought I'd have the guts to do.  I told *him* and got the best answer I was expecting.  It seriously made my day, and probably my week lOl.  So now I'm talking to Greg -n- Kate and getting ready to go text people and go to bed and watch Never Been Kissed.  School tomorrow! Game @ Eden, another far game.  Kind of excited.


They were my [best friends], the people we hung out with [every day] during the summer of o3, the [once was] crew, we were amazing, friends forever->.even though we dont talk everyday, we'll still always be friends, even a little "hi" in the hall from them will brighten my day, I just wanted to say I miss you guys, and I love you, the times were great, and I cherish the memories forever, I hope you remember all the shit we did together too...*


   <3 alright Im outtie! ahh I'm in a good mood <3

                  *comment better*



ºIm weak its true, Im just scared to know the ending, do you see me too, do you even know you met me? Ive waited all my life to cross this line, to the only thing thats true, so I will not hide, its time to try, anything to be with you, all my life I've waited, this is trueº-DeDiKaTeD

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