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//missin the old times\\->.happy birthday jarek walrus flanders

-*today went pretty fast for a monday/tuesday.  nothing special happened.  it was the spelling bee but we didnt get to watch it *ugh bullshit* sam was in it and I wanted to cheer him on lOl.  tech was actually fun today.  it was nothing we did, my table was just fooling around and making fun of bimber..."hey bimber, wheres the flood?" lmaO, we're watching the Outsiders in English.  best movie ever.  I cry everytime.  hottest guys eversodapop and dally <3 o0h babii. so me and sammy did the annoucements today, and we read the one for the afternoon, and there was no basketball practice, ah I was so excited lOl.  so me, sammy and gretchen ate pizza and waited for gretchens daddy.  he drove me home and I called my mom to tell her that practice was cancelled.  well she told me that my english teacher called because I havent been doing my work and I have a fucking 65. wtf?! I used to have a 99! I was s0 pissed off.  so I did my graphic organizers and watched the TRL I taped yesterday because Pierre was on it and he premiered Shut Up.  totally hott video, holy shit lOl.  so that brightened my day.  thats all that pretty much happened today.*-

</3 todays jarek walrus flanders' birthday...have a great birthday jarek, I love you and miss you, wish we could still have the good times we used to.

       I guess the reason we cherish memories
so much is beacause they're the o n l y.
things in life that - - » never change

         //memories dont change, people change, and hun you changed...we all changed\\

                                  &nIlu Jarek Walrus, have a great birthday*</u>

*we need to hang out, me -n- joey dick are hanging out on the superbowl and JAREK W YOU'RE COMING!! imu babe x3...t0o bad you dont miss us*

            <3 i miss old friends :'(

                        *~comment bitcheZz

</3 casey_cassandra

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