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//best friends dont tell\\

s0 today I had a chiropractor appointment. well my aunt called and asked if I wanted to go to the movies and lunch after, so I said sure and asked if I could invite sam. she said sure so I called sam and sam said sure but then she called back and said she couldnt. I was bummed. well then she came online and said she was done cleaning so she could come. so my aunt J got here at like 1:15 and we picked sam up and went to the chyro cuz our appt. was at 13o. we went there and then me, sam and my aunt drove back to pick up my cuzin and his friend to go out to eat and to the movies. we picked up david and steven and decided to go to the olive garden because sams never been there before. so we went there and then we went to see Meet the Fockers, it was good even a second time. we saw fefe and vinnie dellavella there t0o. on the way to the theatre ed texted me from jps phone and asked me out, I said no because I didnt want a boyfriend and hes like what about "...." and I was like what about him, and hes like you would go out with him and I was like who said that. yeah well stupid me actually believed that sam wouldnt tell her boyfriend...I think I have a right to be mad, because no one can trust with JP...I mean come on. so thats all that happened today, I gotta think before I tell people my secrets. I mean when she told him she was trying to confirm that I didnt like someone else but she told him that I liked another person at the same time. so I give up, I'm over it.

*everyone wants no school tomorrow, so do I, but we'll have it, we always do*
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