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<3 survey thingy

*OnLy oNe...
one thing you would have to have if your were stranded on a deserted islandsimple plan cd
one thing you regret the most in lifenot spending enough time with the ones I love
one person you would love to hugOlivia Nicole*
one thing you can't sleep withoutmy blanket
one place you want to visitFlorida*!
one room/hangout place you could live in foreverlivs old room
one food you could eat every dayfritos and mountain dew
one person you couldn't live withoutM0ovie Gang/Kamp Krew
one person you could definitly live without*his girlfriend*
one class you wouldn't mind attending every period of the school dayspanish
one class you would dropscience
one thing you need to do before you diego out with him
one thing you would change about your personalitydidnt get so mad so easily
one thing you would change about the worldsluts shouldnt be with the good guys lol
one thing you would love to have in your roomolivia nicole*
one thing you would want to take credit forhim dumping her...if he ever did
one clothing item you would wear everydaymy simple plan hat
one color (and only that color,) you would pick to see for the rest of your lifeblue
one animal you would save from going extinctdolphins
one time period you would like to revisitwhen olivia lived here...
one person (living or dead) you would like to host a talk show witholivia nicole*lmao thatd b hilarious
one person/pet/object you know you lovehim*gizmo*computer
one song you would play on repeat for the rest of your lifeeverytime*simple plan
one movie you could watch over and overgrease
one smell you would love to smell the rest of your lifeabercrombie fierce
one hobbie/sport you couldn't live withoutsoftball
one finger you wouldn't mind losing, if you could pickpinky
one band you would see in concert 100 times (living, dead, still together, broken up)SIMPLE PLAN DUH!!
one memory you wish you could reliveall the times with liv...and all the times with the [once was] crew

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