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//bestest friends forever\\

s0 yesterday wasnt anything very eventful.  got up did metros, all that shit and then just sat online.  at like 3ish I got in the shower and then sara came over.  we hung out and then bridget came over too.  we just chilled and watched 13 and then sam was gonna go to church but there was this big confusion so then she just came over to0.  we were craving pop so me and sara walked to saras house lOl.  she was walking down young and walking s0 weird it was hilarious. then her mom drove us back and we just hung out, we laughed a lot lol.  sam broke saras elbow, well sorta lol.  then sams dad picked us up at 1o:3o because we were sleeping over her house.  he stopped at willies so we culd get food.   it was the funniest shit Ive ever seen.  we have got to be the worst shoppers ever.  sara dropped the pepsi and it started bouncing lmao.  some funny shit.  and then we went to sams and ate raw cookie dough and pizza thingers and talked online and called tim.  but bridget n sara are gay and kept hanging up lOl.  and then he got in trouble er sumthing, i dont really know.  but then we just watched music videos and went to bed.

*today-I have a chiropractor appt at 1:3o and then I dont know what Im doing.  I want to go to Coach Carter w/ gretchen and sammy but I duno.  Me -n- sam were invited to Jackies but I cant go because I have a chyro appt.  I have to clean my ro0m today, its pretty disgusting lOl.  My mommy took down our christmas tree, the living room looks so plain.  We're getting a new TV today I think, bigger screen! my brother gets his braces off today...asshole, I've had them on longer...ugh*


<3 leave love bitChezZ


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