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xo______________they had one important thing in common [entries|friends|calendar]
casey jean♥

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<3 thinger [29 Jan 2005|12:50am]
[ mood | tired ]

Would you ever:
( ) go out with me?
( ) give me your number?
( ) let me kiss you?
( ) have sex with me?
( ) watch a movie with me... even a really sappy one?
( ) let me take you out to dinner?
( ) drive me somewhere/anywhere?
( ) be my gf/bf?
( ) have a fling with me?
( ) listen to me if I called you, crying, even if you were out with all of your friends?
( ) buy me a drink if I didn't have money?
( ) take me home for the night?
( ) let me sleep in your bed?
( ) sing car karaoke with me?
( ) sit in the doctors office with me because I didn't want to go alone?
( ) come and pick me up at 3 am because my car ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere?
( ) re-post this for me to answer your questions?

[very interesting, if you're a girl, get a guy to do this] lOl

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<3 friends only [26 Jan 2005|06:35am]
[ mood | tired ]

*:· friends onlii ♥

*I wanna know whose reading this* <3

<3 <3 comment if you want to be added

*starting the next entry, it will be friends onlii*

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<3 degrassi survey from jess [25 Jan 2005|07:34pm]
[ mood | sick ]

The Big Honkin' Degrassi Survey

Created by mrbnatural and taken 127 times on bzoink!

Who is most closely resembles your personality?paige, according to liv
Who is your favorite female character?the new emma, the old emma pissed me off
Who is your favorite male character?craig <3 and jay
Who would you most want to go on a date with?craig
Who would you like for a best friend?manny
Who do you despise the most?ashley pisses me off
Who has the best fashion sense?paige
Who has the coolest hair?I love paiges hair
Who has the sexiest eyes?craig
Which character do you feel sorriest for?jimmy
Who do you have NO sympathy for?rick, spinner
Who would you like to have your back in a fistfight?alex
Who would you NEVER expect to catch crying?jay
Who would make the best dad, when he grows up?craig
Who would make the best mom, when she grows up?emma
Who do you think could be a panty thief?toby lmao
Who would be the BEST lead for a spin-off show?paige
If only ONE other character could tag along, who?spinner
Who do you think would *really* be a good class prez?emma
Which of the adult characters do you like the most?joey
Do you have a crush on them?hes hot for an old guy
Which episode was your total favorite?secret pt 1 and 2, rock and roll high school
What specific scene did you enjoy the best?when jay was talking to emma and was like "i picked you", i thought it was cute lOl; when craig sings
Which episode made you cry the most?time stands still pt 2
What specific scene was especially tearful for you?when jimmys laying there and craig sees him, when hazel finds out
Who's behavior pisses you off the most?spinner
What one thing did they do that really angered you?was with manny
Who doesn't get enough play?JT
What boy do you think would be the best kisser?craig
What girl do you think would be the best kisser?KENDRA! lol jk
If you were (or are) gay, you'd probably go out with...i dont wana think about it lol
Who really should have been arrested by now?jay
Which character do you think is secretly insecure?jay
Work; the theater with Paige OR the Dot with Spinner?dot with spinner
What was the most romantic hook-up on the show?paige and mr o
What scene was the sweetest, lovey-doviest? *swoon*when jt and liberty kissed *hehe*
What two characters would you like to see get together?craig and emma
If they got really kinky... which THREE?craig and emma and jay lOl
Who would make the best television reporter?alex lol
Who would make the best police officer?liberty
Who would make the best exotic dancer?manny
Who would make the best psychic detective?ashley
Who would make the best rockstar?craig
Who would make the best artist?ellie
New character; rather see a new boy or a new girl?hot new boy-not chester
No more image make-overs; Spinner or Ashley?ashley
What ethnicity do you think Alex is?german
Marco's parents are TROLLS; is he adopted?no
Would YOU adopt Marco?no
Could you *really* keep your paws off him?yes
Who could use a better significant other?JT
Would you buy a car from Joey Jeramiah?hell yes
Who is the most angst?sean
Who is the most cheerful?spinner without his ritalin
Who is the sluttiest?manny, emmas getting there too
Who is the most depressed?rick
Who could use to gain a few pounds?ellie
Who could use a fork in the eye?spinner
Ritalin Spin, Blonde Spin, Hobbit Spin, or Mohawk Spin?ritalin spin
What sort of fate does he deserve for his bad deeds?get punched by craig
Who is most likely to commit suicide?rick-but hes dead
Who is most likely to rob a convenient store?jay
Better emo poet; Ashley or Rick?ashley
Will you buy (or have you bought) the DVD boxset?I will
If there is one, would you buy Cassie Steele's album?no
How much would you pay to tour the Degrassi set?a billion dollars
If you could only get ONE character's autograph...?craig
Who do you think will be big in other tv projects?craig
Who do you think will go on to star in lots of movies?craig
Was this survey fun? :Dsorta

Create a Survey | Search Surveys | Go to bzoink!

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<3 being sick blows [24 Jan 2005|08:39pm]
[ mood | sick ]

*I think Im getting sick...I seriously felt like shit all day.  I didnt go down to the nurse until after 8th period and I just laid down and then went back for announcements.  School wasnt too bad today, it was kandaces birthday so there were like tons of people down in the morning saying "happy birthday"...me and JP are still fighting and JPs gay and believes everything he hears about Sam so everything turned all gay.  So anyway, after school I was sick and I was soo hungry but there was no pizza due to weather so I called my aunt and she brought me McD's to the game.  The bus ride there was fun, me, samiya, sariya and briaya had a nice talk, and it wasnt even that long.  Our game wasnt too bad, we lost 22-2o, but they were undeafeated.  Id have to say I did pretty good, except for at the beginning when I had to come out because I couldnt breathe :-/.  The rest of the game went pretty well, Hoffy was very proud :).  The bus ride wasnt too bad, me and Sam talked about boys lOl.  We got to the school and had to wait a while for daddy gallivan but it was all cool.  came home and there was more mcdonalds waiting for me :) yUm!* I came online and now Im talking to my bestest friends liv -n- sammy.  I seriously feel like shit. 

       -»I'll wait for you, but I can't wait forever«--   <3 <3 casey jean...comment bitches

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<3 bedtime [23 Jan 2005|11:12pm]
[ mood | amused*haha funny shit ]

*uGgh Im so bored, I cant sleep because I slept for 5 hrs today, Im watching Freaky Friday and talking to Greg. but now greg left me so Im gonna go because Im bored. that kidd is too fuckin funnie. I read all Leahs old lj entries...gOd this summer sucked lOl. well im goin to bed, to watch freaky friday and try to sleep. game @ holland tomorrow, wish me luck!* pea@ce out <3 <3 casey jean

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PUNK'D <3 [23 Jan 2005|09:35pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]



                                 IT WAS FUN WHILE IT LASTED









                                      DAMN I GOT PUNK'D BITCHES


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<3 happy birthday trevor! [23 Jan 2005|03:45pm]
[ mood | cold ]

*so last night we just sat online, and watching 13 like 3 times and a cinderella story lOl. we got in a fight w/ JP, I feel sorta bad but he deserved it the way he treats sam, and the stuff he says. but anyway, he doesnt matter to me so im way over it. me -n- stephanie talked for a little bit last night and then we fell asleep at 2:3o? er sumwhere around there. I woke up because my next door neighbor is gay and decided to snowblow at 1o:oo in the morning, so I woke up and went downstairs and ate and then went and did metros. it was so fucking cold and we had to walk through snow that was up to our knees because of the bastards that dont shovel. it didnt take that long and then I came back and hung out w/ stephanie kay and gretchen elaine and then my aunt called and said she would pick me up at 12:15 to go to disney on ice! yEy! so that was fun, especially seeing my lil cuzin's face when he was watching it. I was singing to all the songs and stuff. haha I miss being little, I should've cherished it more. I left all my homework at school so I cant do any of it, but I'll just do it tomorrow. NEW ENGLAND PLAYS TONIGHT BABII! HELL YEAH...BRADYS GOIN ALL THE WAY! i love tom brady *hehe*. I'm probably just gonna sit around all day, doin nothing because I like staying warm :).*

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TREVOR!! -»im sorry not everyone remembered, but I did! hope you have a great birthday*x0x0 <3

               </3 everyone either comment or wish trevor a happy birthday!


*so much beauty in my life, shining on the outside, empty on the inside, I get lost sometimes, blinded by the flashing lights, distractions always in my eyes, so Im following the sound, the sound of my heart beating, you can take it all away, I dont need it, underneath I'll still be the same* ~ryan*take it all away

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<3 chillin with stephanie kay and gretchen elaine [22 Jan 2005|10:40pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

*Im sittin here with stephanie kay and gretchen elaine and we're having a sleepover because we never have sleepovers! yey Im excited! *hehe* for our while we were trying to figure out how to fix livejournals and watched 13. we sorta figured it out but messed up gretchens so alicia fixed it for her. *thanks alicia*. then me and steph thought we messed up our ljs but we didnt, we got them fixed! well nothing special happened today. got up at like 11:oo and went online. ate breakfast [eggs i might add] and just sat online. we were gonna do metros but the storm was bad so we didnt. all I did all day was sit online and clean my room and watch 13. then at 2:4o me and rich went to my aunts salon so I could get my hair done. rich got his haircut and then my aunt highlighted and cut and straightened my hair and I like it personally. and then she did my eyebrows, damn did they hurt. she put mud on them to stop the hurtness, and it was all better. then at like 6:15 aunt J dropped me off, and sam sorta kinda ditched me in a way and then I sat online, ate pizza and watched the Ashlee show. God I missed it, I love it! *hehe* then Steph and GG came over at like 7:3o and we are hangin out and theyre sleeping over.* fun fun <3

*Tomorrow got metros and then I might be going to Disney on Ice, not sure though. I love Disney on Ice *hehe*...well Im gonna go*

<3 comment bitcheZz

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<3 snow storm! [22 Jan 2005|11:49am]
[ mood | calm ]

sorry I didnt update last night, I wasnt doing too well, but Im okay now. Heres how it all went down:

after school I chilled in the cafeteria with the boys basketball team and listening to evans mp3 with mike, and then they had to go to practice so I walked around the school looking for people and went to mrs. millers room and came back to the cafeteria and everyone was there. we just sat around and then we went to the pop machines. we met up with nick and he ended up chillin with us and we just hung out because we had a late practice, and we got out at like 5:45 and got dressed. then we sat in the girls bball game for a little bit and then me, nick, sarah and sam went into airband. a bunch of other people came [leah, bridget, gretchen, sara, steph, kellie, allie, jackie, brittney, michelle, victoria] all those people. then mike, chris, eric, carl and tim snuck in and they sat behind us. airband was good, I really missed not being in it. SCOTTY WAS AMAZING!! he got first...hell yeah! after airband we hung out and then theyre was gonna be this huge fight between kurt and sam because kurts retarded girlfriend wanted to kick michelle and victoria's ass. so that was pretty funnie, i felt bad because mrs burns and mrs obrocta were running after everyone making sure no1 got in a fight. so after that whole thing we went to the bball game and we got bored so we went to get a drink, and then this whole thing happened where I got kicked out of the basketball game, and then we were all just standing around again and we eventually got kicked out of the school. we all just chilled outside for like an hour and a half and sam and nick kept trying to throw me in the snow but they didnt mwahaha. after we all just chilled, everyone decided to go home because it was too cold and there was no where to go. so sara's mom picked up me, sam, bridget, sara, sam t, and nick. we all went to sams and hung out. it was fun, we dont usually hang out with sam but it wasnt bad. then I went home and went online, and thought about things and went to bed in a bad/sad mood.

today-got up at like 11 because me and my mom were gonna do metros before the storm but it already started so we're doing them tomorrow. I had eggs for breakfast, and now Im sitting here drinking coke talking to kate, monica and liv. its way to cold to do anything but I duno. me and nick wanna get people together to watch Friday Night Lights...looks like a good movie, he got it from his daddy. so I duno whats goin on with that, but right now Im not doing anything.



--»comment bitcheZz

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<3 happy birthday babe [22 Jan 2005|12:22am]
[ mood | sad ]

<3 happy birthday babe
...the only thing im saying is...

--»I miss my best friend :'(«--

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<3 happy early birthday olivia [20 Jan 2005|09:30pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

today was nothing special.  had a science test, started a project in social, test in health, finished the Outsiders in english...me and Rissa were the only ones that cried, its def the saddest movie ever, I duno how noone else cried.  well after school we went to the caf and got pizza and then hoffy picked us up and we went on the bus.  on the way there we talked about old relationships and stuff, I miss having fun with all the guys, but I've decided its time to move on.  im not gonna waste my time getting them to hang out with me, we're all moving on and growing up, hey it had to happen sooner or later.   the bus ride didnt seem like it took very long, so we got changed and warmed up.  I am now "Casiyah" lmao.  Jackie-Jackiah, Sarah-Sariya, Sam-Samaya, Bri-Briaya, Allie-Alaya.  I love those girls lOl.  so I was all pumped but ended up doing horribly.  i was really pissed off cuz I had a horrible game, but then these hott guys from east aurora were pointing at me and karissa, maybe they were making fun of us, but they werent laughing or anything.  but anyway, so I was pissed and then we went on the bus and I wasnt in the mood to talk so I fell asleep.  got back @ school @ like 7ish and my mom came and picked me up.  came home went online ate pizza and watched the OC! I love it lOl.  Marissa realized her true lesbianism.  lmaO.  well now Im talking to angie, tim, sam, jess -n- sarah, and watching Never Been Kissed.


*tomorrows olivias birthday.  I really wanted to spend her birthday with her, I miss her.  but I'll just have to call her like every 2 seconds.  so tomorrow we got school, then practice till 6:3o and then airband! its gonna be weird not being in it :'(....i sorta wish we were, but its gonna be cool watching it all.  miss ya liv and love ya babe x3*

</3 we're moving on and we cant slow down, these memories are playing like a film without sound, keep thinkin times will never change, keep on thinkin things will always be the same...who the fuck am I trying to fool? Ive been thinkin about high-school a lot lately and have been talkin about it with kate and angie and jess, im scared, and everyone already knows that, but what am I gonna do? I dont wanna grow up :'(...thanks for talking to me angie, kate and jess*lylas u girls are amazing*


   <3 leave love babes x3

           _you know you love me_casiyah



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<3 love or something ignites in my veins //x\\o// [19 Jan 2005|10:14pm]
[ mood | excited ]

*omg today was amazing! lOl. well not the first part. I got up late so I just threw on a hoodie and jeans, and then when I got to school realized there was coffee all over the hoodie, but I was like "oh well fuck it" lOl. I was having a bad day thinking about my 65 in english and then I got in trouble in math for some reason or another, so I signed up for Mrs. Burns because I was feeling down about everything and I missed talking to her. So I talked to her and just broke down, told her everything. She asked if I was *thinking* again and I said I didn't think so, she emailed my teachers and asked about grades and called my mom to give her the heads up. well the rest of my day was just blah. I did morning annoucements because Sarah wasnt there yet, so I did them for her because Im such a nice person. lOl. well right after school we went to the cafeteria to leave for East Aurora...so we left and it took forever to get there. I called Mike and asked if he forgave me yet, he told me to call him later, I never did. I do miss him, not as a boyfriend, but as a friend. I miss them all very dearly. Me and Joey are still pretty close, we still talk. Me and Terry still talk all the time, and me and JP, I'm not really sure. I still talk to John on occasion but we never hang out anymore, and me -n- Jarek, I dont even know him anymore. But we're growing up. "We're moving on and we can't slow down, these memories are playing like a film without sound"-Graduation [Vitamin C] its true...it really is.  we're all growing up and meeting different people, and we're not even in high school yet.  when we start high-school, theres not much hope, but I'll def keep in touch and keep chillin with Joe and Terry, Jarek hates me though.  But anyway, we got there around 3:30ish and went and changed and warmed up and the game started @ 4.  The game was close but then we lost it, and the score ended up being 21-12 er sumthing, but I scored 4 points! lOl.  Sammy did good...good job Sammy Lynn!  We took the bus home and I slept and sang, and then my mom picked me up at school and told me Mrs Burns called her and we had a talk lOl, nothing too serious or too bad.  Came home, went online, ate lasanga, went online and then watched American Idol with my mom.  Then I did something I never thought I'd have the guts to do.  I told *him* and got the best answer I was expecting.  It seriously made my day, and probably my week lOl.  So now I'm talking to Greg -n- Kate and getting ready to go text people and go to bed and watch Never Been Kissed.  School tomorrow! Game @ Eden, another far game.  Kind of excited.


They were my [best friends], the people we hung out with [every day] during the summer of o3, the [once was] crew, we were amazing, friends forever->.even though we dont talk everyday, we'll still always be friends, even a little "hi" in the hall from them will brighten my day, I just wanted to say I miss you guys, and I love you, the times were great, and I cherish the memories forever, I hope you remember all the shit we did together too...*


   <3 alright Im outtie! ahh I'm in a good mood <3

                  *comment hoEz...you better*



ºIm weak its true, Im just scared to know the ending, do you see me too, do you even know you met me? Ive waited all my life to cross this line, to the only thing thats true, so I will not hide, its time to try, anything to be with you, all my life I've waited, this is trueº-DeDiKaTeD

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<3 very interesting, got from Al's journal [18 Jan 2005|06:58pm]
[ mood | embarrassed ]

What Is Your Best Sexual Skill?
Flirting Skill Level - 98%
Kissing Skill Level - 46%
Cudding Skill Level - 0%
Sex Skill Level - 78%
Why They Love You You know exactly what they want.
Why They Hate You You're too good to be true.
This quiz by lady_wintermoon - Taken 1387035 Times.
New - Kwiz.Biz Astrology and Horoscopes

0% cuddling!! anybody wanna cuddle with me and help me bring up that percentage? lOl
46% kissing...am I a bad kisser? ahh!! LoL
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//missin the old times\\->.happy birthday jarek walrus flanders [18 Jan 2005|06:41pm]
[ mood | i miss the guys... ]

-*today went pretty fast for a monday/tuesday.  nothing special happened.  it was the spelling bee but we didnt get to watch it *ugh bullshit* sam was in it and I wanted to cheer him on lOl.  tech was actually fun today.  it was nothing we did, my table was just fooling around and making fun of bimber..."hey bimber, wheres the flood?" lmaO, we're watching the Outsiders in English.  best movie ever.  I cry everytime.  hottest guys eversodapop and dally <3 o0h babii. so me and sammy did the annoucements today, and we read the one for the afternoon, and there was no basketball practice, ah I was so excited lOl.  so me, sammy and gretchen ate pizza and waited for gretchens daddy.  he drove me home and I called my mom to tell her that practice was cancelled.  well she told me that my english teacher called because I havent been doing my work and I have a fucking 65. wtf?! I used to have a 99! I was s0 pissed off.  so I did my graphic organizers and watched the TRL I taped yesterday because Pierre was on it and he premiered Shut Up.  totally hott video, holy shit lOl.  so that brightened my day.  thats all that pretty much happened today.*-

</3 todays jarek walrus flanders' birthday...have a great birthday jarek, I love you and miss you, wish we could still have the good times we used to.

       I guess the reason we cherish memories
so much is beacause they're the o n l y.
things in life that - - » never change

         //memories dont change, people change, and hun you changed...we all changed\\

                                  &nIlu Jarek Walrus, have a great birthday*</u>

*we need to hang out, me -n- joey dick are hanging out on the superbowl and JAREK W YOU'RE COMING!! imu babe x3...t0o bad you dont miss us*

            <3 i miss old friends :'(

                        *~comment bitcheZz

</3 casey_cassandra

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//best friends dont tell\\ [17 Jan 2005|07:56pm]
[ mood | bitchy and betrayed ]

s0 today I had a chiropractor appointment. well my aunt called and asked if I wanted to go to the movies and lunch after, so I said sure and asked if I could invite sam. she said sure so I called sam and sam said sure but then she called back and said she couldnt. I was bummed. well then she came online and said she was done cleaning so she could come. so my aunt J got here at like 1:15 and we picked sam up and went to the chyro cuz our appt. was at 13o. we went there and then me, sam and my aunt drove back to pick up my cuzin and his friend to go out to eat and to the movies. we picked up david and steven and decided to go to the olive garden because sams never been there before. so we went there and then we went to see Meet the Fockers, it was good even a second time. we saw fefe and vinnie dellavella there t0o. on the way to the theatre ed texted me from jps phone and asked me out, I said no because I didnt want a boyfriend and hes like what about "...." and I was like what about him, and hes like you would go out with him and I was like who said that. yeah well stupid me actually believed that sam wouldnt tell her boyfriend...I think I have a right to be mad, because no one can trust with JP...I mean come on. so thats all that happened today, I gotta think before I tell people my secrets. I mean when she told him she was trying to confirm that I didnt like someone else but she told him that I liked another person at the same time. so I give up, I'm over it.

*everyone wants no school tomorrow, so do I, but we'll have it, we always do*
<3 comment bitcheZz


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<3 survey thingy [17 Jan 2005|07:54pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

*OnLy oNe...
one thing you would have to have if your were stranded on a deserted islandsimple plan cd
one thing you regret the most in lifenot spending enough time with the ones I love
one person you would love to hugOlivia Nicole*
one thing you can't sleep withoutmy blanket
one place you want to visitFlorida*!
one room/hangout place you could live in foreverlivs old room
one food you could eat every dayfritos and mountain dew
one person you couldn't live withoutM0ovie Gang/Kamp Krew
one person you could definitly live without*his girlfriend*
one class you wouldn't mind attending every period of the school dayspanish
one class you would dropscience
one thing you need to do before you diego out with him
one thing you would change about your personalitydidnt get so mad so easily
one thing you would change about the worldsluts shouldnt be with the good guys lol
one thing you would love to have in your roomolivia nicole*
one thing you would want to take credit forhim dumping her...if he ever did
one clothing item you would wear everydaymy simple plan hat
one color (and only that color,) you would pick to see for the rest of your lifeblue
one animal you would save from going extinctdolphins
one time period you would like to revisitwhen olivia lived here...
one person (living or dead) you would like to host a talk show witholivia nicole*lmao thatd b hilarious
one person/pet/object you know you lovehim*gizmo*computer
one song you would play on repeat for the rest of your lifeeverytime*simple plan
one movie you could watch over and overgrease
one smell you would love to smell the rest of your lifeabercrombie fierce
one hobbie/sport you couldn't live withoutsoftball
one finger you wouldn't mind losing, if you could pickpinky
one band you would see in concert 100 times (living, dead, still together, broken up)SIMPLE PLAN DUH!!
one memory you wish you could reliveall the times with liv...and all the times with the [once was] crew

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//bestest friends forever\\ [17 Jan 2005|10:39am]
[ mood | hungry ]

s0 yesterday wasnt anything very eventful.  got up did metros, all that shit and then just sat online.  at like 3ish I got in the shower and then sara came over.  we hung out and then bridget came over too.  we just chilled and watched 13 and then sam was gonna go to church but there was this big confusion so then she just came over to0.  we were craving pop so me and sara walked to saras house lOl.  she was walking down young and walking s0 weird it was hilarious. then her mom drove us back and we just hung out, we laughed a lot lol.  sam broke saras elbow, well sorta lol.  then sams dad picked us up at 1o:3o because we were sleeping over her house.  he stopped at willies so we culd get food.   it was the funniest shit Ive ever seen.  we have got to be the worst shoppers ever.  sara dropped the pepsi and it started bouncing lmao.  some funny shit.  and then we went to sams and ate raw cookie dough and pizza thingers and talked online and called tim.  but bridget n sara are gay and kept hanging up lOl.  and then he got in trouble er sumthing, i dont really know.  but then we just watched music videos and went to bed.

*today-I have a chiropractor appt at 1:3o and then I dont know what Im doing.  I want to go to Coach Carter w/ gretchen and sammy but I duno.  Me -n- sam were invited to Jackies but I cant go because I have a chyro appt.  I have to clean my ro0m today, its pretty disgusting lOl.  My mommy took down our christmas tree, the living room looks so plain.  We're getting a new TV today I think, bigger screen! my brother gets his braces off today...asshole, I've had them on longer...ugh*


<3 leave love bitChezZ


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<3 got this from kellies livejournal [16 Jan 2005|01:54pm]
[ mood | my feet are cold... ]

*everyone do this but dont tell me who you are*

.post anonymously
One secret.
One compliment.
Lyrics to a song.
How old you are.
How long we've been friends
And a hint to who you are.

<3 please do it!

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//x\\o// accidently in lOve //x\\o// [16 Jan 2005|01:37pm]
[ mood | doing a lot of thinking... ]

*got up late today by rich yelling to come stuff and do metros, so me and my mom did that and then went and delivered them. came back, and had like 6 messages for people telling me to come back because *he* was on. hes not anymore. well we were supposed to go to sarahs tonight, but we're not anymore, so I dont have any plans anymore, if you wanna do anything let me know. I apoligized to mike last night, I left him a message, he said he doesnt accept it because I was "laughing" I was like yeah...whatever bullshit. but then I texted him later and was like "I just wanted to let you know I'm over everything and I don't hate you, and if you hate me thats okay, but now I feel better telling you that" and then he texted me last night but I fell asleep so I got it this morning and he said he didnt get why I was a bitch to kandace...I was before, but me and Kandace are good now, so I told him that we were friends and hes like okay so I said I didnt hate him and I dont care if he hates me because I understand why he would and he just said okay, so then I stopped talking to him*...Ive been thinkin again...

*Ive been eating non-stop lately, and Im not saying Im fat, so dont get that idea. all Im saying is that I will be soon if I don't start watching what I eat. I've been really lazy lately too, I don't even barely get dressed anymore, I don't know whats wrong. Im not depressed or anything, I don't even know whats wrong, I honestly think its the cold, I just hate the idea of going out in the cold and freezing to death. I think I need to get more sleep, because Ive been going to bed late a lot, and I need to stop with all the fricken pop. My mom bought six 12 packs of pop, and theres one left, me and all my wh0res drank them all lOl, I drink a lot of pop, Im drinking pOp right now...not healthy :-/. So I'm gonna try and start getting in shape and stuff again. Okay, this probably sounds really gay and I'm "over my head" but I've never felt this way before, everything about him is just amazing, I love talking to him, and I get butterflies and stuff...I think about him every second of the day, and everything about him is just //woah\\. well I had a nice talk with Monica today, and we talked about some stuff. I try to help everyone feel better, because I know when I was going through "my time" (as I call it) people were there to help me all the way. People who I never expected to help. Angie and Jill helped a lot and I wasn't really that great of friends with them, but they helped anyway. So if anyone ever needs to talk dont hesitate to i/m me or email me or anything. Im always here to help. Its hard without Liv...and I dont think its getting any easier. shes making friends and Im happy for her...I just kinda feel weird...like her and her friends have a notebook...that was the movie gang thing...I duno, I dont have a reason to be feeling like this. I have my other best friends t0o, and we'll manage, but its especially hard without liv...I dun0 :-/. those are my thoughts lOl, nothing depressing or anything, just how I feel.

<3 c0mment and tell me if you think Im crazy or a loser, or just try to help lOl

//x\\ casey_jean //o\\

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<3 livejournals working! [15 Jan 2005|11:07pm]
[ mood | in love... ]

so livejournal was down and not working, but its working again.  I havent updated since Thursday so here we g0. 

Thursday* had a half day at school, we just went around to stations and did some science thing for our state test thats coming up.  after school we gathered everyone and me, sam, stephanie, rissa,  gretchen -n- jp waited outside for carl and then he came and we walked to zachs.  we hung out there for a while and then walked to mcdonalds.  it ended up being me, sam, larissa, stephanie, gretchen, jp, carl, evan, pickel, zach, greg, kandace, -n- carson.  we ate there and went back to zachs and watched Starsky and Hutch.  somewhere along the movie I really got to thinkin.  I saw Sam w/ JP, Steph and Carl and Carson, Greg -n- Kandace and I got to thinkin about *him*.  I really missed having a relationship, and Ive never had a serious one, but if we went out, I think it would be serious, just because Ive never felt that way about a boy before...most of you probably dont believe me, or think Im corny as hell, but its strange.  Then me, gretchen, sam n rissa left and went to my house at 3 and just watched Degrassi on my computer.  They left and I didn't do anything that I can remember.  That was Thursday...did some serious thinking. 

Friday*  we had a full day.  nothing eventful happened, had the spelling bee in english, I lost, I didnt know how to spell grenade.  im such a loser lol.  well in gym we played hockey and I was really hyper, I didnt even pay attention and I sang the whole time.  then me and sam switched one shoe so I was wearing my sneaker and her cute high heel, and same for her.  everyone made fun of me lol.  well we had practice at 3 so we practiced and then sam gave me a ride home.  I went home, ate and got ready for ohara.  sarah ob came over at 6ish and then we waited for saras mom to pick us up, she picked us up we picked sam up and we went to ohara.  omh I had these spots on my shirt because my fucking washing machine is fucking retarded and my brother keeps stuff in his pants pockets so I had to wear it with spots on it.  anyhow, so we went and met up with a bunch of people.  sam t came and was mad drunk, it was funny lOl.  my night wasnt all that great.  ukw who was there, and thats all Im saying.  caterina got mad because I was flirting with scott, even though they broke up.  I cant help it when I flirt, I dont even know Im doing it.  But anyway, so then sam t was talking to me and I said something and he got really pissed off.  My night wasnt all that great, the music sucked xcept for they played two Simple Plan songs.  so sam tried to talk to me after but I was being a bitch.  when we got outside it was fucking THO weather man, and scott asked if I needed a coat and I said no, then Trevor was gonna but noone would let him.  I hate being a drama queen, I really do, but I just couldnt handle it anymore when we got outside.  I walked away and started crying, and everyone was concerned.  Thats when I know who really cares.  Well Joe came over, you gotta love Joe.  Sammy came over of course and hugged me just because Sammys amazing and Ilh lOl.  Sam T came over, someone told him he shouldnt mess with me right now, but he came anyway, and I felt good lOl.  He wanted to know why I was crying and if it had to do anything with him.  It was just sort of everything, if you rly wana know, I'll tell you, but I dont wanna post it in here.  Well then Terry was freaking out and he was like its so fucking cold and stuff and he gave me his coat.  I tried to refuse it, but he made me take it.  I love Terry lOl, hes fucking amazing.    So anyway, then Sam tried to talk to me and then we had to go because Mr. Bachman was there to take me, Rissa, Sarah, Sara -n- Sammy to my house to sleep over.  So I hugged everyone, even Sam lOl and he told me he loved me and then he said him and Kaiser love me w/ a passion but I love Mike instead...I was like Mike who and hes like Carson and I was like "you did not just go there" but I didnt say that, I dont remember what I said, but he hopefully knows I dont like him anymore, because I most defintily dont.  Well then we went to my house and talked.  Sam called twice to make sure I was okay, it was sweet lOl.  We didnt really do anything, it wasnt anything that great.  Finally realized some serious shit...I surprised myself is all I have to say.

Today* got up at 9:45 because Rissa woke us up because she had to leave lOl.  we couldnt fall back asleep so we just stayed up and my mom made us pancakes.  We laid around all day.  Sarah O left at some time and then me, Sam and Sara laid around.  We had a pretty nice talk.  Sam said something that made me laugh the hardest Ive ever laughed lOl.  we didnt do anything all day.  bee and gretchen came over sometime later and we watched Never Been Kissed and Thirteen.  Sara K's mom got us Burger King...yUm!  so nothing special happened today.

Today I realized that even with my other best friend gone, me and my best friends will stay true forever, I love them to death and they are the most important thing in my life.  theres something else about a certain guy thats hard to explain...lets just say, its the cant eat, cant sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, world series kinda thing...

                       <3 comment if you love me

  *casey </3 jean*


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